Grampian Immediate Care Scheme

Grampian Immediate Care Scheme is group of individuals with an interest in pre-hospital care. The group provides educational events throughout the year to enhance the knowledge of pre-hospital providers across the Grampian region. These are published under the educational meetings section and you can also receive emails via our subscription list.


The group consists of a wide range of individuals from first responders to doctors with a specialist interest in pre-hospital care.

Some of the members are responders for BASICS Scotland and Sandpiper Trust. To find out how to become a responder please see responder section


GICS does provide some support for individuals undertaking educational courses related to pre-hospital care please see page relating to that to find out more about which courses are funded and how to apply for it.


Grampian Immed Care
RT @Gasdoc2857: @paramedrusty @LizCrowe2 @docib great podcast! So glad I got up early and made salad for lunch
Grampian Immed Care
RT @mswenman: Dispatchers have very important role in promoting bystander for and increasing survival rates #resus2016
Grampian Immed Care
RT @CardiacSmart: Emotion stimulates long term memory, so what you say may not be remembered as much as how you say it @ParamedMatt #Resus2
Grampian Immed Care
RT @CardiacSmart: "Each cardiac arrest to that family is their 9/11". Excellent point to end on from @ParamedMatt #resus2016
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RT @AndyCurran8: Leadership & HF account for tween 2&9% errors in resuscitation. How do you tell family, ur loved 1 died cos I'm not good l…
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